Sat 28 October, 2017 (Sala Welles & Sala Hoffman @ ICCV Workshop)

  • 08:25 Welcome

08:30 Keynote I

Xiaogang Wang
"Story after Surpassing Human Eyes'performance: from Academia to Industrial Applications"

09:15 Challenge 1 – Recognizing One Million Celebrities: Introduction & Winner Announcement

  • 09:20: Yan Xu*; Yu Cheng; Jian Zhao; Zhecan Wang; Lin Xiong; Karlekar Jayashree; Hajime Tamura; Tomoyuki Kagaya; Shengmei Shen; Sugiri Pranata; Jiashi Feng; Junliang Xing
    “High Performance Large Scale Face Recognition with Multi-Cognition Softmax and Feature Retrieval”.

  • 09:40: Chong Wang*; Xue Zhang; Xipeng Lan
    “How to Train Triplet Networks with 100K Identities?”

  • 10:00: Evgeny Smirnov*; Aleksandr Melnikov; Sergey Novoselov; Eugene Luckyanets; Galina Lavrentyeva
    “Doppelganger Mining for Face Representation Learning”.

  • 10:20 Breaks

10:30 Keynote II

Yafeng Deng
"Towards Reliable Face Recognition System"

11:10 Challenge 2 – Face Recognition With Low Shot Learning Scenario: Introduction & Winner Announcement

  • 11:15 Yu Cheng; Jian Zhao*; Zhecan Wang; Yan Xu; Karlekar Jayashree; Shengmei Shen; Jiashi Feng “Know You at One Glance: A Compact Vector Representation for Low-Shot Learning”.

  • 11:35 Yue Wu*; Hongfu Liu; Yun Fu
    “Low-shot Face Recognition with Hybrid Classifiers”.

  • 11:55 Junsuk Choe; Song Park; Kyungmin Kim; Joo Hyun Park; Dongseob Kim; Hyunjung Shim*
    “Face Generation for Low-shot Learning using Generative Adversarial Networks”.

12:15 Closing Remarks & Announcements